T-shirts with a purpose

T-shirts by T was founded to provide an opportunity for meaningful employment for T who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. By purchasing a T shirt you are enabling a young adult with employment.



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  • T Shirts by T offers a variety of great designs that represent the amazing community of Neurodivergent humans! T's T-Shirts have been loved by everyone who has gotten one, and they have been passed on to many family members and friends.

    - Timber

  • T Shirts by T is such a unique company! They offer variety of designs on their tshirts and each purchase is supporting individuals with neudiversities. I cannot recommend this small business enough - you won't be disappointed!

    - Annie

  • Highly recommend this store. Customized t-shirts goes a long way. Thank you!

    - Gunjan Raheja

Meet the Owners

Hello from T and his mama!

We started our business back in October of 2021. It began as a sample task for T to learn vocational skills and soon enough people in our circle fostered the idea of turning this into a business! The sole purpose for starting this venture was to provide T a meaningful and inclusive employment opportunity that he can look forward to. T is a teenager and currently attends a private school for Autism. I’m a full time mama and full time business owner. I love what I do and I enjoy helping other kids on the spectrum learn trade skills. T loves all yard equipment and his favorite colors are orange and blue. Mama is a craft and house plant enthusiast! Let's be friends:)